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How to: Honeycomb Cold Storage

The following article will assist you in setting up your archival storage using Veeam

NOTE: Archival storage is set and programmed based on the storage space. For customers with complex environments with varying archival storage needs, please set up one storage space per Veeam job, and adjust cold storage properties based upon these.

The following video recommends a setting of '99' for each image type in Veeam. Please follow our written guide for this, and change the retention to '1' for each image type.

2. Honeycomb cold storage

Enabling Archive in Veeam Backup and Replication

First, start by heading to your Veeam Backup and Replication Console, and locate the cloud job you would like to enable archive for. Right-click that job, and hit 'edit' to open up it's configuration. 

If you need a hand getting your Hot storage job set up, please visit our KB here. Veeam will be unable to archive any job data that doesn't already have a backup copy job to the cloud. Please visit this Knowledge Base article for the steps establishing a backup copy job to the cloud

Archive edit job

In the configuration for the job, cycle through the settings until you reach the 'Target' tab. In this area, select the "Keep the following restore points as full backups for archival purposes" option, and change all desired restore points to '1' (all non-desired restore points can be unchecked in Veeam). 

Hit 'Next' until you have completed editing the job, and allow those settings to run through. 

Adjusting Retention using Hive

Once archive has been set up, head to the Customer Account in Hive, and locate the 'Configure Protection' menus for the Veeam resource in question. 


config protection small

In this menu, navigate to the 'Archive' tab, and select 'Enable Honeycomb Cold Archive Storage':

archive add

Refresh the tab, and select the Archive settings you would like and hit 'Save Retention Settings'.

Archive settings

Restoring Honeycomb Cold Storage

View your already established restore points using the 'View' tab corresponding to that same resource.

Archive view

Archive resources

Then, hit the 'Restore to VCC' option next to the image you would like to push into Hot storage. Allow ~15 minutes for the image to enter hot storage, and head to the Veeam console for the customer connected to the corresponding storage space. 

Rescan the backup repository, and check the backups->Cloud solution to find the .vbk