Overview: Second Colony (DRaaS)

Second Colony (DRaaS) allows you to failover valuable virtual environments to Probax in the event of a disaster. Client VMWare and Hyper-V environments can be partial or full-site failed over to Probax Hardware with only a few clicks, all within an RTPO of 15 minutes.

When would I need this?

There are many scenarios where Second Colony is valuable. In particular, Probax has found this solution to be highly utilised by:

  • Clients highly impacted by downtime.
  • Clients requiring up-time for compliance.
  • Clients that would like to rapidly boot up their environment in cloud infrastructure.
  • Clients that desire geographical redundancy in the event of catastrophic disaster.


In a disaster recovery scenario, how long will it take to failover?

In the event that a VM becomes unavailable or fails, you can failover and restore services in the production environment with an RTPO of less than 15 minutes. Users can access services and applications that they need with minimal disruption. Whether a single server is offline or the whole site, failing over is straightforward and automated, and your client environment can be back online within minutes.


How is networking handled?

The Veeam Network Extension Appliance streamlines the communication between the tenant production environment and the virtual replicas on Probax. The Network Extension Appliance can be configured to include information about the internal and external networking of the tenant environment so that the cloud environment will operate in the same way.


How is this solution priced?

This solution is priced based on:

  • Network requirements.
  • Hardware requirements.
  • Storage utilised in the Probax Disaster Recovery environment.
  • Managed Support requirements.


Does Probax offer Managed Support of Second Colony?

Yes, we do.

Probax's Managed DRaaS forms an extension to your team, ensuring that the DRaaS solution for your end users is working as intended and is regularly tested. Probax can provide responsibility for monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting the end-to-end Second Colony solution, including regular failover/failback testing.


For Technical support questions, please contact support@probax.io

For sales and product information, contact your Partner Manager.