Overview: Restore options using ShadowProtect

ShadowProtect allows you to restore through several methods depending on your needs and requirements. You require the full chain of the base and incremental images for each restore method.

Restore Methods

Once you have the chain you can utilise the following restore methods:

  • Virtualboot:
    VirtualBoot boots a volume backup image into a Virtual Machine (VM) environment by utilising the open source Oracle VirtualBox software, VirtualBoot provides a quick, temporary replacement system for a failed server. It is also great for Testing restores and creating dev environments for sandbox testing.
    *If you are running ShadowProtect SPX, you also have the option to restore into Hyper-V and VMware ESXI Platforms.
  • Folder/File Restore:
    Folder/File restores allow you to mount the backup Image to a drive letter on your machine. This means you can copy and paste files from the Backup onto your environment, replacing any corrupt or damaged files.
  • Bare Metal Restore:
    A bare metal restore is a restore of your entire system to existing or new hardware. You will need to use StorageCraft Recovery Environment ISO to boot into and then select the Backup Images to Restore.


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