Overview: Honeycomb Cold Storage

Incredibly simple and completely automated, our Award-winning solution for long-term data retention.

Honeycomb Cold Storage is Probax's low-cost solution for long-term storage of critical Veeam data. Setup is simple, and allows for affordable and secure storage in our air-gapped cloud environment

How Archiving works

With Hive's powerful back-end architecture, customers can operate and control their resource's archiving directly from their resource's settings in Hive. Once configured, archival copies are automatically created and stored in Honeycomb Cold storage, according to the retention set... That's all there is to it!

Customers opting in to Honeycomb Cold Storage have two options for software in Veeam Agent for Windows, and Veeam Backup and Replication. Both of these are supported in Hive, and setup for archiving involves only a few adjustments made in Veeam's backup copy job (visit our article How to: Honeycomb Cold Storage for more information).

We recommend this solution to customers who want long-term, secure retention for their backups without the price tag of hot storage.


  1. Archive retention is set and managed directly from end user accounts in Hive
  2. Archival storage is only billed based on the usage, with no costs for setup, additional licensing or long-term storage
  3. Honeycomb Cold Storage is extremely resilient - data is stored on highly-available storage clusters
  4. Cold Storage is air-gapped which has two distinct benefits:
    1. The data cannot be viewed from the customer's Veeam console, which reduces the risk of data manipulation through accident or otherwise
    2. Files stored in Cold Storage have a minimum expiry date, preventing them from being moved/removed after an amount of time:
      Weekly – 7 days
      Monthly – 28 days
      Yearly – 365 days

Restoring from Honeycomb Cold Storage

Restoring backups stored in Honeycomb Cold Storage is performed directly from your end-user account in Hive. Once initiated, images are pushed into your corresponding Honeycomb Hot Storage tub, where they can be accessed and mounted on the backup software of choice. 

For more information, head to our Knowledge Base article here. 


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