Overview: Hive Risk Index

The Hive Risk Index is an efficient way to quickly assess the state of your Accounts. In a single graph it shows which accounts are experiences issues and what type of issues they are.

The Hive Risk Index shows the number of issues, what type they are and where they are located.

Using the highlighted key you can see the three types of issues that can occur:

  • Warnings: These are typically shown when an issue is resolved and awaiting some form of automation. Or an irregularity that is of no significant impact has been detected. If the issue escalates to affect backups then it will change to an Error. These issues typically need no intervention or troubleshooting to be cleared.
  • Errors: These are notifications of issues that may be impacting performance of a job or preventing certain processes from completing. These can be as simple as a back up being interrupted, causing an inconsistency in the backup. If an error appears that cannot be resolved, please contact technical support and describe the issue. These issues can usually be resolved with minimal impact to backup performance
  • Criticals: Critical issues are issues that require immediate attention. Typically these will be preventing backups from proceeding or impeding some aspect of your cloud solution setup. Once you have determined the nature of these issues, please reach out our technical support team as soon as possible.


Using the key highlighted in the above picture you can select which specific issues to look at. For example: to only look at current Criticals, select warning and errors so they are greyed out like so:

This will show exclusively Criticals so that you can focus on resolving those specific issues.


The Hive Risk Index  is a great tool and can help you and your team see the information they need at a glance. It's use can save you time and money and ensure you are looking on at the most important information for your clients and backups.


To Contact Support,

Email: support@probax.io

Or Call: 1300 PROBAX