Overview: Hive Alerts for Microsoft Office 365 backups

This guide will assist you in diagnosing and dealing with alerts that appear for Microsoft 365 backups within Hive

Probax Hive gives you the control to not only manage and configure your backups, but also monitor the access and configuration of the jobs you have created. 

Within Hive, alerts will be generated as a response to any change in a Veeam Microsoft 365 backup job. The alerts are introduced by design, and will assist the user in identifying if a backup job has been changed in any way, be it accidentally, maliciously or due to the account being inaccessible. These alerts appear often with the tagline "[O365 resource] missing", and by design will not be removed action has been taken. 

How to remove alerts from Hive

1. Navigate to the account on Hive containing the Microsoft 365 backup in question and select the "Monitoring"
2. Adjust the drop-down menus to suit your case and select edit:


3. In the event that you would like to stop the monitoring for the selected resource altogether, select the option "Delete Data Source". Alternatively, progress to the next step.
4. Within the dropdown menu, adjust the option to "No alerting, monitor only" followed by "Submit Changes".