Overview and Setup: QNAP Replication

Do you have clients running a NAS device on-site? Replicate to Probax and protect your clients from a local disaster. You can replicate to Probax with the inbuilt features in most NAS Devices.

Setting up QNAP NAS devices

All information regarding setting up QNAP NAS device is inside your QNAP manual (this may change depending on your firmware release). Probax uses RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication):

  1. Go to Applications -> Backup -> RTRR
  2. Click "Create a Replication Job"
  3. When the wizard shows up, click Next
  4. Select your sync location - this will generally be the "local folder to remote folder" option
  5. Enter the hostname as given in your Probax Storage Tub and Server Type as FTP Server
  6. Enter the username and password you specified when creating your user, click Next
  7. Select the folder you'd like to Sync to Probax
  8. Choose between real-time and scheduled synchronisation. In most cases, you will want to use scheduled to avoid saturating the Internet connection
  9. Configure the synchronisation policy - defaults are generally fine
  10. Configure the synchronisation filter - defaults are generally fine
  11. Enter a sync job name
  12. Confirm settings and click Next, then Finish

Please note that many QNAP NAS Devices do not support versioning. This means that there is only one copy of the data in the Cloud.

If your network is infected with ransomware, you run the risk of the locked files being uploaded and replacing the good copies on the cloud.

How to backup NAS devices with no inbuilt software

Sometimes you may have a NAS device that doesn't have any cloud backup features or doesn't support the correct protocols to backup to Probax. Most NAS devices are built on a Linux Operating System you can install a small software package directly to this OS and then configure it to replicate to Probax.

A lot of our Partners use the LFTP package to do replication to Probax. Depending on your device you may need to un-restrict it to allow packages to be installed directly onto the OS. After it is installed, you can setup LFTP using the instructions on the LFTP website to replicate to the server given in your specified Storage Tub.


Please note this is a guide only - use at your own risk - Probax is not responsible for any damage caused to devices as a result.


For Technical support questions, please contact support@probax.io

For sales and product information, contact your Partner Manager.