How to Deploy Scout and Automatically Deploy Veeam Agent

Scout is a free agent for Probax MSPs that can help deploy Veeam Agent for Windows, and be used to monitor and manage customer backups. Learn how to deploy Scout in less than two minutes per workstation or server.

Note: This article contains instructions for deploying Veeam Agent to backup the full system of the device. For backup of selected files & folders, see the KB Article ‘How to Manually Deploy Veeam Agent for Windows’


Scout for Veeam Agent

  • Remote Deployment: simple remote download and installation of Veeam Agent for Windows (VAW)
  • Remote Licensing: enables the user to keep their VAW licence up to date and on the correct software edition
  • Remote Configuration: when the user installs Scout, VAW is automatically configured to backup to your cloud storage at your specified time

How to Install Scout

  1. Open Probax Hive.
  2. Select your Accounts tab on the left-hand side (A).
  3. Click on the account you wish to install scout on:
  4. Click on ‘Manage Storage Spaces’, then ‘Add New Storage Space’ below.
  5. Choose ‘Veeam Backup’, then allocate a user and choose the location to store data.
  6. Click on “Deploy Scout”
  7. For Veeam Agent select the highlighted box and click on the new storage space created in step 5. (For ShadowProtect, select ‘Scout for ShadowProtect’)
  8. Download the Scout Installer:
  9. On some machines you may need to click on “More Info” then “Run Anyway”:

  10. Once installed simply enter the Scout link code (not case sensitive) and click on the ‘Link Scout’ button.

  11. To check the Scout Link has been successful click the ‘Check Scout Link’ button and the following screen will appear:

Scout will not check in for the first time until it is inside the run schedule. The default is from 6pm to 6am.

Once Scout is linked and checked in for its initial run schedule, you may configure your VAW backups in Hive as you see fit!