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How to: Lodge a Drive Seed

Seed backup data to Probax quickly and easily following the below steps

What is a Drive Seed?

A drive seed is generally required when you want to add or replace large amounts of data on a remote server, or the on-premises network is inadequate. 

To create a drive seed, you will need to load data onto an external hard drive and send it to Probax, where we will upload it on your behalf to our Cloud, saving time and resources.

For small backup sets or in cases where the customer’s link is fast enough, you can replicate data directly to Probax (see our guides on Veeam and ShadowProtect  replication)

For very large data sets or in cases where seeding needs to be completed urgently, Probax can engage our partner data centres’ smart hands service to seed a hard drive or NAS directly to the DC. Data will typically be seeded in under 2 business days. If you require this service, please contact your account manager or email support@probax.io.

Drive Seed Ticket in Hive

Lodging a Seed Ticket is required for all drives being sent to Probax. A drive seed ticket is used for tracking purposes throughout the seeding process, as well as a reference in case you ever need to get in contact with the Probax team.

To lodge a drive seed ticket:

  • Open your user and select “Managed Storage Spaces”, then select the “Seeds” option beside their Storage Tub (this is the same across all Backup Solutions)


Next, you choose one of the four options available:

  1. Drop Off  You can drop the drive off to us to the location given between the times specified.
  2. Post – You can post the Drive to us via Australia post or your own freight company.
    Please note: a return satchel and a return address must be included for the HDD to be sent back. You can provide the Australia Post tracking details within the ticket, to help for tracking purposes.  Costs will be incurred to your account if this is not provided for our return satchels.
  3. Courier – You may organise your own courier to deliver this drive to us.
    Please note when the drive is ready for pickup you are responsible for organising a courier to pick it up, or to provide a return satchel for its post return.
  4. Boomerang – We send one of our external hard drives out to you or your client along with a return satchel that has our address on it. You then transfer the images to the drive and send it back to us with the satchel we provide. Charges may apply.

Important – When seeding ShadowProtect backups, be sure to include the .SPK file with your ShadowProtect files if your backup is encrypted

Tracking your Drive Seed Status

Once a Drive seed has been lodged, a little truck will appear next to your users’ Storage Tub.
Clicking on this truck allows you to track the status of your drive seed. Depending on the Option selected for Drive Seed, there will be different steps along the way.

You will receive an email to the specified email address each time your Drive seed progresses here. It will also provide you with a Ticket ID if you ever need to contact us!


For technical support questions, please contact support@probax.io

For sales and product information, contact your Partner Manager.