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How To: Install Probax Scout for Veeam Backup & Replication

This guide will aid you in setting up Probax Scout for VBR to centrally manage your VBR server through MSP Backup.

Installing Probax Scout for Veeam Backup & Replication:

  1. To install Probax Scout for Veeam Backup & Replication, log into your MSP Backup and access your desired backup account.
  2. Once in the account, select Add Systems:
  3. In the Manage Scouts window, select Install Scout for VBR, then choose a Region:
  4. The Deploy New Scout window will open. Select Download Scout Installer:
  5. With Probax Scout downloaded, launch ProbaxScoutInstaller.exe
    1. If Windows Defender Smart Screen is enabled, you may see the warning Windows protected your PC. To proceed select More info:
    2. Then select Run anyway:
  6. In the Installing Probax Scout window, select Next three times to install Scout:
  7. Once the Scout install completes, select Finish:
  8. The Probax Scout Setup GUI will open. Copy the Hostname:
  9. Back to MSP Backup, add the Hostname and select Update Hostname:
  10. MSP Backup will confirm that Probax Scout has been Linked. To see Probax Scout for VBR in action, select View Scout Details:
  11. The View Scout window will open, and you can now have visibility into your VBR server through MSP Backup:

With this guide, you will have learned how to deploy Probax Scout for VBR and can now manage your VBR server directly from MSP Backup.