How to: Deploy Probax Scout for StorageCraft

Scout is an intelligent agent designed to reduce backup maintenance time with automated monitoring and error fixes.


  • Authenticates to local folders/NAS backups to be able to resolve cloud-side CRC or chain errors.
  • Intelligently uses FTP to autonomously transfer files to the cloud side in real-time for resolving errors.
  • Scans Windows Services to provide accurate information of firewall and anti-virus software on accessible machines. 

Deploying Scout

We encourage all partners to use Probax Scout for ShadowProtect backups. To install and configure it, simply:

  1. Open Probax Hive.
  2. Select the account that you wish to install Scout on - Make sure you have a ShadowProtect storage space assigned to this user already (See our KB for more information).
  3. Click on "Manage Scouts" from the top-right of the screen:
  4. Select the "No Scout installed - deploy New Scout for this Storage Space" box:
  5. Download and execute the Scout Installer executable.
  6. Run through the steps in the installer (some machines may require you to allow the app through Windows SmartScreen).
  7. Once installed simply enter the Host Name for the machine you're installing Scout on
  8. Once a link is created, Scout will access your local storage and provide Activity updates for you. For most NAS or local storage repositories, you will need to authenticate to local storage to allow Scout to work correctly.
  9. If you choose, you can also adjust to modify the Run Schedule by selecting the field next to Run Schedule.
  10. You are now complete! Scout will now proactively resolve your ShadowProtect data protection concerns.

The authentication user will be required to have both read and write permissions for Probax Scout to function as intended. Please visit the following KB for more information and frequently asked questions for using Scout, including a list of properties to be white-listed.

Scout will not check-in for the first time until it is inside the run schedule. The default is from 6 pm