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How To: Deploy Microsoft 365 Protection

This guide details setting up and deploying Microsoft 365 protection, , emphasizing automated deployment and easy customization.

Video Guide: Deploying Protection for Microsoft 365

Step-by-Step Written Guide: Deploying Protection for Microsoft 365

1. Initiating Deployment:

  • Begin by selecting the MSP Backup option for Microsoft 365 within your customer's account.
  • Choose the preferred Wasabi storage region and select between the Essentials or Professional protection plans, depending on your customer's needs - Essentials offers daily encrypted backups with one-year retention, while Professional provides three daily encrypted backups, unlimited retention, and Automated Health Verification.

2. Authentication with Microsoft:

  • Authenticate using a user account with Global Administrator permissions for the Microsoft 365 tenant you wish to protect. This access level allows MSP Backup to configure and manage backups efficiently.

3. Automated Configuration:

  • After authentication, our automation will set the correct permissions, create a new Wasabi storage bucket, configure the backup job, and initiate the first backup - all within two minutes.

4. Examining Protection Configuration:

  • While awaiting the first backup's completion, you can review and adjust the protection settings. Access the configuration by clicking on the three dots next to the Microsoft 365 organization and selecting "Configure Protection." This section lets you manage user mailboxes, user OneDrive folders, SharePoint sites, Teams, and more.

5. Completion and Restore Points:

  • Upon the first backup's completion, the status updates to "100% Success." Browse or restore from created restore points through the "View" button. Reauthentication with the Microsoft 365 tenant may be required before you can successfully access restore points.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of setting up MSP Backup for Microsoft 365, ensuring seamless and efficient data protection. For further assistance or questions, please contact our support team, ready to help you meet your backup needs efficiently.