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How to: Create an Account and User

Accounts allow you to organise, monitor and manage your clients with ease. Users allow you to separate and monitor resources within each clients environment. Both of these tools can help any MSP save time and money.

  1. Create a Customer/End-User Account

  2. Create a User

How to Create an End User Account:

  1. To create a new account, log in to your Hive portal and select the accounts tab
  2. From your accounts section, click on the "Create New Account Button"
  3. Enter the new client's name (or what you wish this new account to be called)
  4. Once the page has reloaded your new client will be listed in your accounts tab and will be accessible for monitoring, end user billing, acquisition of new resources and reporting

How to Create a User:

  1. Within your account select the "Users" Tab
  2. Select the "Add New User" Button
  3. Create a name, provide an email address for reporting purposes and create a secure password to access this User
  4. The new user will appear in your Users list for this tab. The resources assigned to this user can be monitored and reported, user details changed and MFA enabled (if required). Resources can also be assigned to the specific user for ease of monitoring and to check growth.