How To: Add a Probax Scout created Wasabi Bucket to VAW

In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to add a Wasabi Object Storage bucket to created by Probax Scout in our "How to: Deploy Servers or Workstation Protection" KB.

Adding a Probax Scout created Wasabi Bucket to VAW:

  1. Before adding the Wasabi Bucket to VAW, we will need to find the Access and Secret key for your Wasabi Bucket.
  2. To find the required information, log into MSP Backup and access the desired backup account. Select the kebab menu (three vertical dots), then Configure Protection:
  3. In the View Scout window, select Retrieve Recovery Details:
  4. Enter your Authenticator code, then Submit:
  5. With the Recovery Details revealed, copy the Location, S3-compatible storage, Access and Secret Key as we’ll need to add these to VAW later:
  6. On your server or workstation, open the VAW Control panel from the taskbar:
  7. In VAW Control panel, select the Menu Button, then Add New Job…:
  8. The New Backup Job window will open at the Name step. Give your job a Name then select Next:
  9. At the Backup Mode step, we’ll accept the defaults and select Next:
  10. In the Destination step, select Object storage, then Next:
  11. At the Object Storage step, select S3 Compatible, then Next:
  12. In the Account step, we will need to add the Service Point, Region, Access and Secret Key’s that we captured in Step 5, then select Next:
  13. At the Bucket step, select Browse next to Bucket:
  14. In the Select Bucket window, choose your Bucket then select OK:
  15. Next, select Browse alongside Folder:
  16. In the Select Folder window, select your folder then OK:
  17. Ensure Make recent backups immutable for 30 days is checked, then select Next:
  18. At the Backup Cache step, we’ll accept the defaults and select Next:
  19. In the Guest Processing step, we’ll keep Enable application-aware processing checked, then select Next:
  20. At the Schedule step, apply a schedule that fits your organizational needs, then select Apply:
  21. Finally, at the Summary step, confirm your settings and select Finish:
  22. Back to VAW, you’ll now see your newly created job mapped to your Wasabi Object Storage bucket created by Probax Scout:

With this guide, you will have learned how to add a Wasabi Object Storage bucket created by Scout in Veeam Agent for Windows. To restore data from this bucket, please review our KB, "How To: Restore Data using Veeam Agent for Windows."