Overview: Honeycomb Hot Storage vs Honeycomb Hot Object Storage

The following article provide you with the knowledge you need to know when deciding what storage is ideal for your backup solution

Honeycomb Hot Storage

This is Probax's highly available Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering, with storage spaces procurable from many locations around the world. Storage procured in this way is a minimum for most customers wanting to secure their data on the cloud. Backups made utilizing powerful software (such as Veeam) are fast to access and easy to deploy manually or autonomously by installing Probax Scout. Customers are able to perform cloud restores from Honeycomb Hot Storage at any time, with restore times limited only on the size of the backup.
Honeycomb Hot Storage also serves as a basis for Honeycomb Cold Storage, wherein Probax will facilitate a copy of important backup files to an immutable location. More information can be found in our KnowledgeBase.

Honeycomb Hot Object Storage

This is Probax's cost-effective S3/object storage backup offering, hosted in Wasabi's Australian infrastructure. This option boasts endless capacity at a fraction of the cost, making it perfect for customers with the need for long-term, non-archival storage. Probax recommends this to customers who are backing up large sums of data, such as media stores or as a secondary cloud option for NAS devices.
Probax customers are encouraged to use Veeam to backup their data to Honeycomb Hot Object storage, though any S3-compatible backup software is able to connect to a storage tub procured through Hive. Backups and restores for items deployed to Honeycomb Hot Object Storage generally perform slower than that of Honeycomb Hot Storage, making this a better option for long term storage.
Please Note:
An Object Storage Tub cannot be removed from Hive until all data is removed. It takes one full day for Wasabi to communicate any data removal to Hive so there will be a delay there.
Once an object storage Tub is empty it can be “scheduled” for deletion. There is a mandatory period of 90 days retention from the time this is scheduled. Once this period has elapsed, the Storage Tub will be removed from Hive altogether.
For More information, head to our KnowledgeBase here https://kb.probax.io/how-to-honeycomb-object-storage-setup

Picking the correct solution for your customer

Both of the above solutions can be utilized to securely and efficiently offload your customers data to the cloud. Both allow you to deploy storage easily through Probax Hive, and manage your data in a single pane-of-glass. Here are the main considerations:

  1. For customers requiring a highly available and reliable cloud storage option, Honeycomb Hot Storage should always be considered as a minimum for core servers/VM's. Probax Scout can handle deployment, and storage is extremely quick to procure and set-up through Probax Hive
  2. For large data stores (such as media servers) or as a secondary cloud option for NAS backups, object storage forms a compelling option. This option is extremely cost-effective, and still provides accessible cloud data for when your customer requires it

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