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FAQ: Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive

Get the answers to some common questions about Probax's Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive

What is the solution built on?

Probax’s Office 365 Backup & Archive solution is powered by Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How often is my client's Microsoft 365 data backed up?

Our solution takes up to six point-in-time backups per day. You can also perform on-demand backups as needed. 

Where is my client's Microsoft 365 data stored?

Your client’s Microsoft 365 backup and archival data is stored in AWS storage in Australia or the US, secured with AES-256 bit encryption. Amazon’s data replication and security, multiple storage centers and 99% up-time availability makes it the perfect choice to ensure your data is safe and accessible to you at all times.

How long do you keep my client's Microsoft 365 data?

We provide unlimited storage and retention of your client’s Microsoft 365 data. We will only delete your client’s data if you unlink the organisation and delete it from Probax Hive.

Does the solution back up Exchange Online, SharePoint & OneDrive?

Yes, Probax's Microsoft 365 data protection extends to Exchange Online, SharePoint & OneDrive. These can be licensed individually or bundled together at a discounted rate

What does it cost?

A fixed monthly price per user provides unlimited storage and retention in AWS, with the option to backup Exchange only, OneDrive and SharePoint only, or all three for a discounted bundled rate.

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What counts as a user for the purposes of monthly billing?

Exchange Online: You will be charged for each active Exchange Online mailbox that is protected by Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive. You can enable and disable protection of individual mailboxes within an organisation. Please note that shared and resource mailboxes count as an active Exchange Online mailbox.

OneDrive for Business: OneDrive for Business user licenses are automatically aligned with their matching email accounts. This means if you need to backup both Exchange Online and OneDrive, you’ll need to use the Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive bundle licence. Please note that OneDrive (without “for Business”) is a separate storage service and is not supported with this solution.

SharePoint Online: Each SharePoint user inside your Microsoft 365 subscription that has been granted access to the SharePoint sites you are looking to protect needs to be licensed to backup and protect your organization’s SharePoint environment. Please note that external SharePoint users do not need to be licensed. An external SharePoint user is someone from outside your Microsoft 365 subscription to whom you have given access to one or more sites, files or folders. External authenticated users are limited to basic collaboration tasks and external anonymous users can edit or view specific documents when given specific permissions.

What happens to the Microsoft 365 data of employees who have left the organisation?

Microsoft 365 data belonging to employees who have left the organisation are archived in restore points taken before their data was removed. Simply navigate to a historical restore point containing their Microsoft 365 data to initiate a restore.

 Do I have to pay for employees who have left the organisation?


Although data belonging to old employees is still available and recoverable, you only pay for active Exchange Online mailboxes or SharePoint & OneDrive users that are being protected by Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive.

 How do I set up Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive?

We have created a ‘How to’ article on setting up Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive here.

 How do I restore data to Microsoft 365?

We have created a ‘How to’ article on restoring Microsoft 365 data here.