How to: Set VCC Cloud Tasks and Recycle Bin days for Veeam backups in Hive

The following article will show you how to customise your Veeam backups in Hive for optimal protection & performance.

VCC Cloud Task and Recycle Bin options in Hive provide you with additional configuration options for your Veeam backups.

Recycle Bin - Store data for additional time after it has been removed, protecting you from insider threats, intelligent ransomware, or accidental deletion.

Cloud Tasks - Perform multiple concurrent tasks on a tenant. For example, process multiple VMs or backup copy jobs simultaneously.

Note: Increasing these values on Hive incurs additional costs.

To alter these values, open your Hive account:

  1. Select the 'Accounts' icon in Hive:
  2. Select the account containing the Veeam backups you wish to customize:
    Customer with Veeam backup
  3. Navigate to the 'Manage Storage Spaces' tab:
    manage storage spaces
  4. Locate the small up and down arrows in this window to cycle through varying amounts of cloud tasks and Recycle Bin/Insider Protection Days.

    The settings will apply on the Probax Cloud within minutes.